Celebrity dance coach

It’s Friday; thank goodness it’s the weekend. The kids have run out of clean socks and underwear, the fridge has been empty since Thursday, the house is unrecognizable, one of our kitchen cupboards has been hanging on one hinge since the beginning of the week and I will finally have time to help my daughter with her class project. Ah, time to relax at last; except that this weekend isn’t shaping up to be much fun for me.
My girlfriends are disgusted with me. They think that I’m crazy to be wasting my life constantly working and doing things that they deem as being NO FUN.
Well, who can argue with them; lets face it, they’re right. I don’t run my life, my life runs me! In a moment of rebellion, and in light of this momentous discovery, I grab a pen and paper and quickly write down all of the stuff I am to do this weekend and the possible solutions:
Kids have run out of clean underwear and socks – Solution = buy them new ones on the way home from the office.
Fridge is empty - Solution = order take-out
Kitchen cupboard is falling off its hinges – Solution = take it right off! (this will make it faster to get to the plates). Note to myself: remove all cupboard doors!
House is unrecognizable – Solution = offer my daughter and her two girl friends tickets to the movies if they restore the house to some semblance of order.
Daughters class project – Solution = after movie have the girls all work on their projects together.
I can’t believe it, I am FREE! I have time to do whatever I want. It takes me about half a second to decide what that is; finally I can take those dance lessons that I saw advertised on ABC News the other night “Louis Let’s Dance”. All of my friends have signed up and are loving it; and the funny thing is, their husbands are enjoying it as well.
I can picture it now, the lights turned down low, the heady beat of Salsa music playing in the background… romance is definitely in the air. My man comes across the room to me wearing his tux, his arms open, inviting me into his strong embrace.
I slowly walk towards him, my dress swaying as I gently move my hips from side to side. He grabs hold of my hand, putting his other hand behind me at the small of my back. Within a moment, he has my body tight up against his own; he holds me possessively, like he will never let me go.
The music starts, the dance has begun. We move together across the dance floor; he spins me away from him, only to bring me back firmly, my body sliding up against his as together we twirl and grind and pump our bodies against one another, all to the hypnotic beat of the Salsa.
I am breathless at the end of the dance. As I spin away from him, the music starts again this time it is the Cha Cha. Once again our bodies move together; with smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts we masterfully meet the challenges of the dance.
As the song is about to reach its crescendo, I pull away from him and then launch myself into his arms as he lifts me effortlessly from the dance floor over his head in our triumph.
I have never felt so alive, as he gently brings me down from the top of the world, I softly wet my lips in anticipation for his kiss. I am so aroused I could burst; as our mouths draw nearer, I look into his eyes and …it is not my husband.
I shake myself awake, realizing it was just a dream. I am still at work and my weekend of ease and adventure has not yet started.
Still reeling from the passion of my dream, and thoughts of my mysterious dance partner, I call my husband and together we plan a night to remember.
With the help of Emmy Nominated Choreographer, Louis van Amstel, best known for his 3 hit seasons on America's most popular dance show, 'Dancing with the Stars', my husband and I have learned all of the most popular dance steps. We can now dance the Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Sumba, Jive, Rumba and the Foxtrot.
I am happy to report that I no longer dream of my handsome stranger. My day dreams are once again filled with thoughts of my handsome husband, as we renew our love, make new memories and keep the romance and passion alive.
Learning how to dance has helped us gain more confidence, tone our bodies, and we have even been able to shed some of those unwanted pounds, and we are having fun while doing it.
Another huge bonus is that, now that Mom and Dad go out dancing on Saturday night, my kids have started to pitch in around the house. Now, we can all enjoy our weekends. We are truly blessed!
Before long you too could be “Dancing like a Star”.