Courage to Face the Crud

In the second tape segment, you hear Sue and her experience of hitting the wall - the 3 week crying jag.
These tears were different than the tears/pain felt upon discovery of the affair. They had a different flavor and different purpose.
She knew she could not run away from these tears. If she did, they would only appear later, perhaps in more powerful destructive forms.
Was this "work" for Sue?
Did she invite these tears or did they just happen?
Did she have any control over them?
How did she break through?
What was on the other side?
Sue addresses these questions in the tape.
Also, as you listen, hear her insightful comments about her desire to yell and scream, make knee-jerk decisions and take action she might regret. (This has great application, in all affairs except perhaps #2: "I Don't Want to Say No.") See Break Free From the Affair for the characteristics of the 7 kinds of affairs.
Sue found wisdom, healing, confidence and calmness within. You can also. In reality, that's the ONLY place you will find it. What can you learn from Sue to help you get there?
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Sue's Fabulous Four Strategies for Breaking Through the Wall of Pain and a 180° Shift in Feelings

If you listened closely you heard four powerful strategies that Sue used and you can intentionally use as well to break through and break free.
1. Learn. Keep learning. Keep looking at it. Sue read Break Free From the Affair not once, but often. Learning about infidelity is like learning a new language. You see, there are many myths and misconceptions about infidelity that if you don't address, will keep you stuck in the never-ending agony. Keep looking at it until you feel your negative thinking shift.
2. Sue relished support. The blog. the chat room became her home away from home. Now a chat room may not be for everyone, but the bottom line - you need some form of support. And, support is often hard to find. Family, friends and others are usually clueless about infidelity and offer simplistic, not helpful advice. You need someone, someplace that will affirm you, will honor you, will truly "get" you and maybe, sometimes, laugh and cry with you.
3. Sue sought input. She read Break Free From the Affair.She read other books. She read others' blog postings. She listened to those in the chat room. She knew she needed to learn. She knew she must think differently. She soaked up as much knowledge as she could. It percolated within her. And, one day, the confusion vanished and there is was - clear, making perfect sense, feeling just right.
4. Sue was brave enough to try something different. She took the input of others and planned a course of action. She acted differently. She tried on new behaviors. She experimented and evaluated the results. She shared these results with her new-found friends, receiving the input and support she needed again and then moved on to her next chapter.
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Infidelity and Pain: Discover Exactly how Sue Catapulted Through her 3-Week Crying Jag and Meltdown

...helping her jump huge infidelity hurdles and take confident calm action she KNEW was right for her and held the only hope for saving her marriage
Dr. Huizenga here.
Isn't it truly amazing how circumstances sometimes flow together to offer to us what we really need - and as they flow we are clueless about their importance?
A couple months ago I ventured into the chat room to check out the software that was acting up. While there I struck up a short conversation with a Sue. I enjoyed our short chat, but didn't think any more about it.
A while later I offered free Laser (15 minute) coaching sessions. Sue registered.
Sue was one of my last sessions. I called and said, "This is Dr. Huizenga, calling for our Laser Coaching." She gasped, started laughing, and began apologizing.
She said she was feeling so good that she forgot about the session. She was sorry but she had no idea what questions to ask or talk about. This might be a waste our time?
But, we continued. And what emerged was truly amazing. Sue encapsulated the healing change process that I witness with so many struggling with infidelity. She eloquently, with joy and passion shared her inspiring journey.
I want to share part of Sue's story with you, hoping you too find hope courage and solid direction on your often painful journey.
First, a little background.
Sue discovered her husband's affair about 7 months ago. They talk regularly and she states he is growing tremendously. However he continues to live with the OP, although says he considers leaving.
Sue felt the deep pain for the first 6 months and then about 6 weeks ago had a "break through." The pain was replaced with confident and positive feelings.
Your Hurdles Scream at You: Your Life will NEVER be the Same
There are the "firsts" after infidelity discovery. The first Christmas. The first birthday. The first Valentine's Day. The first anniversary. The first visit to a special restaurant. It can be a long list.
Each is a hurdle. Each is a foreboding moat to cross.
For Sue, it was getting on a plane and taking her first trip alone. It was her hurdle - and as it turned out, her last major hurdle.
Prior to her jump over this last hurdle, Sue had a meltdown - a night and day crying jag that lasted for 3 weeks. Heart wrenching. Painful. Will-never-seem-to-end agony.
And then, one morning, it was over. A new day. A new perspective. New feelings. The pain, the agony, the endless days of tears were done.
What happened? What thrust her through that wall of agony with such power, force and finality?
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Emotional Infidelity: A Love Affair or Just Friends?

by Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach
A common plea: But, we're "just friends." However the "emotional connection" is quite obvious by the amount of time spent in communication and the "vibes" that are set off.
These emotional connections often arise at work or in a social context in which working intensively toward a common goal consumes energy.
Here are a few observations of the "just friends" emotional affair:
1. This person often struggles knowing where to draw the line. S/he often throws him/herself into something 100%. Other aspects of his/her life may suffer or be ignored. There often is a lack of personal balance between family, work, self care.
2. He/she struggles with intimacy. (I want to be close to someone, but don't like intimacy.) The "just friends" emotional affair means neither spouse nor OP (other person) ever get "intimate." Neither relationship is fully consummated or has potential for growth.
3. Of course the "just friends" comment means either "stay away" or I'm, underneath all this, really confused about where I fit in relationships, what I want from them, or what they mean to me. There is an "emotional connection" to the OP that defies description. A sad kind of "stuckness or lostness."
The lover or "falling in love" emotional affair has a different twist.
The remainder of this article is found in our members only section, the Infidelity Insider. For more information, please read on...
This article is part of a series of articles written by Dr. Huizenga. He responds in practical and heart-felt ways to pressing issues such as:
46 Clues Your Partner is Having an Affair
Extramarital Affair: Their Sex is not "Always Hot"
Day of Discovery: I'm a Mess! Do I Need Meds?
Infidelity: Why the Need to Know is so Strong
Signs of Infidelity: My Marriage Made Me Do it
Emotional Infidelity: A KEY Tactic to Save the Marriage
Sexually Addicted? Ten Important Questions to Ask
Infidelity Recovery: What is it with Men?
The full Mini-ebook is one of many practical resources located in the Infidelity Insiders Members Area.
Join the Infidelity Insiders and have all of the articles at your fingertips. Soak in his practical, hard-hitting advice. Begin to formulate your own strategies to help you break free.
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Relief from Marital Infidelity: Knowing exactly the Kind of Affair You Face

Most people I coach who have an affair in their marriage are scared. This is the bottom line. They are terrified - of losing their family, of facing the unknown, of their world falling apart - and believe they have no control.
I want to help you understand EXACTLY what you are up against and to know EXACTLY what you can do to turn the tide of the affair.
You find relief and confidence in knowing what faces you. Hear how some people are helped by knowing what's in front of them:
I learned that the kind of affair I was facing and that it was not my FAULT. I also practical strategies to get my life going.
....has helped me pick my path, so to speak, of what I will (and will not) do next. Laura
Although all of type #4 seems to fit my situation like a glove, I highlighted the most strongest points that apply there as well. And I must tell you, it was shocking when I first read #4, it was as if you were a fly on the wall during this whole thing. It's scary to think that other people in the world have experienced the same thing. I thought it was just her doing it to me.
Do you know what kind of affair faces you? Yes, affairs are certainly different. Here are the 7 kinds I outline. I'll give you the title and very brief description of each:
1. My Marriage Made Me Do It
Ask someone why they had, or are having an affair and you may hear something like this: "I have a lousy marriage. My marriage is dead. There is no intimacy, no sex, and no excitement. The love is gone. We've grown apart. I can't stand the marriage. There was nothing happening in the marriage and the affair just happened."
2. I Can't Say No
People can't say no? Well, I believe we all have the capacity, at some level, to say no. However, not all have developed that capacity or reached that level to firmly say no and mean it. Some have many "unconscious" tugs and pulls that lead to an affair. They are "stuck" and seem to lack the ability to consistently act on the "no." Please remember that all of us are "grabbed" by something and find it difficult to let go. One's history, personal development and internal blocks play a role here.
3. I Don't Want to Say No
Some people just don't want to say no, and they believe they don't have to say no. The older term of "philanderer" applies. Their relationships are marked by a series of sexual conquests, and that's what they basically are - nothing more than the thrill of the score.
4. I Feel Out of Love (and just love being in love)
I find this dilemma rather common for younger couples, probably mid or late 30s and younger. Usually one reports, "falling out of love" and is truly disturbed by this shift. He/she (and this is not merely a female problem!) wants to "recapture" those feelings. This person has found a "significant other" who has stirred those dormant feelings and this person once again "feels in love." They are determined not to "settle" for a less than ideal relationship, which means, of course, feeling the love feelings.
5. I Want to Get Back at Him/Her
This is the revenge affair. It occurs in a marriage in which one feels slighted in some manner and seeks revenge by engaging in an affair. It is less a movement toward the other person and more a movement away from one's spouse.
6. I Need to Prove My Desirability
Let's face it: Most of us are on pretty shaky grounds when it comes to our sexuality. Look at the models before us on TV, the big screens and magazines. Geezzz-louise, how is anyone ever to feel as if they measure up or are desirable? Also, a key in a marriage is the degree to which someone feels wanted. I want to be wanted. After "familiarity" sets into a marriage, self-doubts are easily rekindled. (A key component of "being in love" is the giddy feeling of thinking I am deeply wanted or adored. If one does not understand the stages of marital growth or lacks a core sense of self from which to live, he/she becomes prey to confusion and disenchantment.)
7. I Want to Be Close to Someone (which means I can't stand intimacy)
A marriage or relationship of investment is a dance - a dance of joining and distancing. A couple moves close with the purpose of joining and being one and after a fashion moves apart to claim their own space and uniqueness. Usually we choose or are attracted to someone with the same comfort zone in the distance/joining continuum or with a similar capacity for joining and/or distancing. The couple does their dance to balance the pull for joining and the push for individual space and expression. Intimacy is the capacity to talk about and the freedom to move between joining and individual expression. Someone has an affair because ostensibly they say that want to be close to someone. However, a relationship with a third party is NEVER intimate, but may serve the purpose for that person of never having to be intimate with anyone, although someone may feel close. Got this!?
Pinpoint the affair in the middle of your life and begin to feel the relief and power as you truly understand the reasons for the affair.
In my ebook, Break Free From the Affair, I go on to break apart each kind of affair in terms of:
•Key Points•Characteristics of the person who engages in that kind of affair.•What can I expect will happen?•Will they live happily ever after?•What are the odds of saving the marriage?•Do you really want to save the marriage?•What you can specifically do to increase the odds of saving the marriage
If you want all of the information in detail, click here to purchase Break Free From the Affair.

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Marriage Makeover: 74 Stars to Shoot For

Here's a little exercise for you and your spouse to help you get on the same page after marital infidelity or a marriage or relationship crisis.
The objective is to narrow the list down to the top 5 characteristics you want to shoot for or see happen in your marriage or relationship now.
1. Print out 2 copies of the chart.
2. Each person scan through the 74 characteristics a couple times or more. Get a sense of how they differ. Note which ones tend to grab you or hold your attention. Remember, these characteristics describe an ideal relationship.
3. Each person go back over the list and place a check mark by each on the scale of 1-10. The #10 means that characteristic stands out or grabs you as something vitally important and you want to shoot for that beginning now.
4. One person shares with the other the top 5. The person may make comments. However, make sure you NEVER refer to your partner or spouse as someone who must do that something for you to make something happen. Do not place any responsibility on the other. You are merely declaring what is vitally important for you now. The other person may ask questions, but they are for clarification only. The other is to listen and listen well with an underlying curiosity.
5. The other person shares the top 5 characteristics with the same rules and concerns applying.
6. If you begin to swirl, hit the wall or the communication breaks down, stop the process.
7. If the exercise generates positive give and take marked by a high degree of acceptance and curiosity, keep it going.
8. This is very important for me and others as we develop some hard-hitting and highly effective tools for everyone trying to not merely put back the pieces, but create something deeply more rich and satisfying.
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Do You REALLY Want to Save the Marriage?

Make sure you don't jump past this question too quickly. It is important!
Actually this question helps you take responsibility and begin the change process.
If you are serious about saving the marriage and want to learn exactly what you can say and do to switch the momentum of the affair and marriage, you must begin with this question.
This question gets at the truth. And, only the ferreting out of the truth will put you on the road to breaking free from the affair, and perhaps saving your marriage - if that is what you REALLY want.
So, take some time. Think hard. Be brutally honest. This is your first step toward breaking free and getting the life and relationship you really want.
Here are just a few of the questions I pose for the "offended" partner for Affair #1: My Marriage Made Me Do it.
1. Do you really want to save the marriage or do you want the feelings of embarrassment and humiliation to end? You thought this would never happen to you. It might be difficult to face family, friends, or coworkers.
Do you mull over what you could have said or done to prevent the affair? Do you think of yourself as a failure and are eager to reclaim your confidence and self-esteem?
2. Do you really want to save the marriage or do you long for the way it used to be? Do you long for the predictability and the seeming comfort of your marriage in past days? Do you assume that by getting your marriage back, to where it was, things will be better? (Note: You will never go back. It will never be the same. Those days are gone and will not return. Your relationship will be different, guaranteed. It can be better!)
3. Do you really want to save the marriage or do you miss your old role - of being the strong one, the one in control and the one who held it together? (This does not apply in all kinds of affairs.) Do you feel lost, not sure of whom you are, what to do and "at loose ends?"
Breaking free from the affair and moving toward saving the marriage will mean you will need to develop the freedom to assume different roles and to act differently in the relationship. Do you really want to do that? Are you willing to expand who you are?
4. Do you really want to save the marriage or do you want vindication against the other person? Do you feel like you have lost out to this other person? You came in second? Does that bother the heck out of you and having the "marriage back" would mean that you stick it in the face of the other person?
Is competition stirring your juices?
5. Do you really want the marriage back or do you primarily want to end the pain? The pain of abandonment and being alone can be exceedingly intense. Do you think you can handle it? Endure? Actually learn from it? Or, are you intent upon the affair ending and getting the marriage back to eradicate your pain?
6. Do you really want the marriage back even though you might not like your spouse very much and perhaps you doubted the wisdom of getting married in the first place?
There are innumerable reasons why we marry. Some conscious. Most of them unconscious. Couples who possess rock solid certainty that their marriage was meant to be and had few if any doubts on the wedding day are a rarity.
Give this question some serious thought. Perhaps the affair is a symptom, sign or indication that the marriage was in serious trouble from the get-go. Perhaps not only your spouse, but you have reflected on the validity of the marriage or a secret desire to be somewhere else.
I provide more questions to ponder for this kind of affair and more questions related to "Do I REALLY want to save the marriage?" for the other 6 affairs in Break Free From the Affair.
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Break Free From The Affair. Strategies And Resources To Break Free From The Affair In A Marriage

Stop the Agony of the Affair
Get back to your old self...or someone better
Save Your Marriage... if you really want to
"Is 'Not Knowing' Killing You Inside ... Or Your Marriage? Are You Tired of All The Lies And Excuses? Are You Afraid That You'll Confirm Your Suspicions? More Importantly, Will You Ever Find Happiness Again, If It Does Exist?"
I assume you are like 1,000s of others jolted by the affair, asking these questions: (Substitute the word she for he if you would like.)
•Do I throw him out?•Or, should I let time heal?•Will the affair stop?•How long will it last?•Can my marriage be saved?•Should I talk to the other spouse?
•Will I ever be able to trust again?•How do I get rid of my anger and ugly thoughts?•Where did I fail?•Will I ever forgive? Forget?•Should I spy?•and more...
n 5 minutes I will put on your computer screen the answers, strategies and never-before-published knowledge base you MUST have to:
Get through this faster! Gain confidence. Clear the fog of confusion and diminish the pain.
Have the crazy days, sleepless nights, absent appetite and queasy stomach fade.
Find the strength and courage you never thought you had. Exude a new power. He will notice and it will shake his world.
Know in your heart that the affair is not your fault. No more self-blame and self-loathing. (You really did your best, you know)
Know exactly why he had the affair. You will know him better than he knows himself.
In the next 6 months turn this disaster into a new opportunity.
Melt your rage and hurt into understanding and eventually compassion.
Become an expert in affairs. Outsmart him and the OP.
Be tough AND patient and understanding.
Eyeball him and he will be the first to blink.
Surprise yourself and partner with your newfound wisdom and insight.
Have a REAL chance to stop the affair.
Say the right words that shake your partner to the bone so he stops to truly consider the folly of the affair.
7 Key Steps, Guaranteed to help you Break Free…
My E-book convinces you that the affair is not your fault. This shift in your thinking is vitally important if you truly want to break free from the affair.
The affair is HIS problem. It is THEIR problem. What you did or did not do did not "cause" the affair. He CHOSE that avenue to solve his dilemma. Did you make mistakes? Sure, we all do. Could you have done some things differently? Of course! He could have also! You are NOT defective. No one is a better lover or person than you. Nothing is wrong with you!
ou MUST Pinpoint the EXACT Kind of Affair Facing You
People are different, right? Well, so are affairs. Affairs are exceedingly complex, but there are patterns that you can identify.
What works to break free from one kind of affair will be disaster for another. Are you confused? Not sure what to say? What to do? Afraid that saying one thing might be destructive? Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells?
Identify specifically what you are up against and you will feel more confident because you know exactly what will work and what will not work.
When you order Break Free From the Affair, you receive this innovative e-book to help you with confronting your partner.
In this 48 page e-book, Paul and Layne Cutright teach you how to transform your experience of arguments and upsets in your relationships. Rather than avoiding confrontation and "walking on eggshells", you will be able to safely and constructively talk about things that are hard to talk about.
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The Romantic’s Guide To Popping The Question” (Priceless or Worthless?) ­ Here’s The Book Review

Let’s face it, one of the biggest problems you face, when planning to pop the question, is finding a unique, creative and romantic way to do it.

So does “The Romantic’s Guide To Popping The Question” really provide you with quality stories, ideas and inspiration for an unforgettable marriage proposal?

First of all, the book contains 101 stories in total, and after reading just the first fifteen stories, I knew this is exactly what men need to make their proposal exceptional. I found myself leaning back in my chair, saying, “wow,” after reading many of the stories.

In fact, every time I thought they couldn’t get any more creative and imaginative, they did! Just wait till you read what everyone did with their cars and bodies in story #13­­it was incredible! And the creative way a guy proposed in the cinema! And the horseback proposal “with a twist” that will totally blow you away!

Not to mention, this book also has the 25 WORST marriage proposals that will have you laughing your guts out! These were so enjoyable that I’ve been sharing them with friends ever since.

Now, the only problem I have with the book is that it makes other proposal stories (even half-decent ones) look terrible! I mean these stories are unheard of anywhere else. If you’re thinking of proposing or know someone who’s about to, then tell him or her about this book right now!

You can learn more about the book at…
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3 Ways To Find the PERFECT Proposal For Your Girlfriend

By Michael Webb

Did you know that the most memorable marriage
proposals are also the most creative and unique?

Problem is, the more you want to blow her away, the
more frustrated and stressed you become by trying
to come up with an original idea!

Not to worry.

Here are 3 ways to get your creativity flowing and
come up with your winning proposal idea:


Aww… your girlfriend likes restaurants. Well guess
what? So does everyone else!

You need to dig for those unique and special things
about your girlfriend that stand out, and use them
as your starting point for proposal inspiration.
Nothing speaks louder than a proposal that says, “I
love you and understand you deeply” at the same

If you're stuck for ideas, grab a piece of paper
and think back to all the memorable moments while
you two were dating. What are her favorite things
to do? What place does she hold dear to her heart?

If she grew up on the beach, maybe you could take
her to a high cliff near a magnificent beach where
she grew up, and arrange for her to see the words,
"Kim, will you marry me?" written in giant letters
on the sand down below as the sun sets.

As another example: I once knew a girl who was totally
OBSESSED with Superman. So in this case, instead of
parachuting into a party to propose, why not do it
in a Superman costume?

See where I'm going here? Your first step to a
perfect proposal is making a list of all the things
that are special to your loved one and using them
as inspiration for your proposal.


Believe it or not, no matter how long you’ve been
dating, you’ll almost always discover some new
“little known facts” about your girlfriend by
simply asking her family and close friends. While
these hidden gems might not spark a proposal idea
themselves, they'll certainly guide you in the
right direction and further inspire you.


Want to know if your proposal will be exceptional?
Explain your proposal idea to a female friend and
if she isn't "mouth-hitting-the-floor-with-astonishment"
surprised, go back to the drawing board!

I'm serious.

This is the most important moment in her life (and
yours!) If the proposal stinks, what’s she going to
think about the YEARS ahead? Some people say that
you should keep proposals "safe" or "simple" by
doing something that everyone's already done
before, but considering 80% of women said their
proposals were less romantic than they'd hoped for,
isn't that telling you something? While most men
spend lots of money on the ring, they often lack
originality, which leaves the woman feeling

In conclusion, if your proposal doesn't excite
friends and family, it certainly won't excite your

About the author:

Michael Webb is the author of “The Romantic’s Guide
To Popping The Question,” a book filled with 101
Creative and Unique Marriage Proposals, hand-picked
as award-winning stories from a total of 7,329
entries in his worldwide competition. To learnmore, visit:
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5 Marriage Proposal Mistakes That Leave Women

Did you know that a man once hospitalized his
girlfriend trying to propose to her?

It’s true! He slipped the engagement ring into her
shot glass and as they toasted to his speech, she
swallowed it! Now, she survived, but they did need
a trip to the emergency room.

In fact, it's ‘embarrassing yet funny’ proposals
like these that remind me of the 5 ways that guys
totally DESTROY this precious moment for women by
making horrendous mistakes. Please don’t make these


Whether it's a party, family get-together or Yankee
game, realize that you should never propose to your
beloved if she wouldn't feel comfortable with a
public proposal. Not only may it embarrass her, but
she may feel pressured to say "Yes," only to tell
you the truth later. Bottom line, think about what
sort of person your lady is: Is she shy, cautious
or a little reserved? Then maybe a private proposal
is the better way to go.


Some men's idea of an amazing proposal is slapping
together all the “usual” romantic things into one
big event and calling it a "marriage proposal."
Sadly, this couldn't be further from the truth. For
example: A man serves the candlelit dinner,
presents her flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear and
then proposes to her.

Yuck. I'm sorry, but if you believe your lady
deserves the most magnificent experience of her
life, then understand that normal "everyday
romance" is only good for… everyday romance! ­ not
a proposal. She’ll never admit it, but she'll most
likely be disappointed.


You usually only get one shot at your proposal so
you MUST get it right! No pressure :D. Always
rehearse through the things that could go wrong,
create backup plans and please make sure your
proposal idea is safe! If you’re creating a more
elaborate proposal, you’ll need extra caution.
Physically rehearse through the situations,
discover what could go wrong and work out solutions
around them. Get your friends together and
brainstorm the sticky situations that could come up
on the day. Of course, life is unpredictable and
things may change but be prepared the best you can.


Hang on! You’re probably wondering, “How is
spending TOO MUCH money on a proposal a problem?”
Well it all depends. The problem with money is that
it often becomes a substitute for creativity. As a
result, you get a "nice" memorable proposal but
nothing that's “jaw-dropping!”


Now here’s the biggest mistake of them all. Yes,
coming up with creative and original ideas to
propose is tough, but it's a must if you want your
moment to be remembered and talked about for years
to come!

Your proposal needs to be personalized to your
girlfriend. What are her favorite hobbies, music
and interests? These are the starting points to an
incredible proposal that everyone will talk about
for years.

While the Eiffel tower, hot air balloons and
getting the waiter to bring out the ring on a
platter are "okay" ideas, they’re not creative and
original enough for the most important and
memorable moment of both your lives.

About the author:

Michael Webb is the author of “The Romantic’s Guide
To Popping The Question,” a book filled with 101
Creative and Unique Marriage Proposals, hand-picked
as award-winning stories from a total of 7,329
entries in his worldwide competition. To learn
more, visit:
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The most amazing thing just happened yesterday!
Here’s the scoop:
It all started a couple of months ago, when my best friend Mark told me he “ALMOST” proposed to his girlfriend. He wasn’t questioning his decision of marriage. No.
Instead he was going to ‘pop the question’ on their 5th year anniversary, but deep down he wondered whether his Jacquie would find his proposal ‘average’ and a little disappointing.
And boy, was he lucky that he DIDN’T propose!
He was going to just take her to a classy restaurant and simply propose to her over dinner ­ definitely not the best way to do it.
So being the good friend I am, I jumped on the Net to see if I could find some ideas to get his creative juices flowing.
But after two hours of nothing but “cook her dinner or buy her a flower” proposals, I couldn’t take it anymore! There was nothing but rubbish on the net!
But that’s when I found something DIFFERENT.
I stumbled across a website claiming to have “award-winning" marriage proposals, “proposals unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” it said.
I was a little skeptical, but considering I could get a refund if the ideas were lame, it was a no-brainer. So out of curiosity, I grabbed a copy and started to read it.
And I was totally blown away!
These ideas were the most unique and creative marriage proposals, bar-none. So I called up Mark and begged him to read this book.
Now, fast forward to yesterday…
During Jacquie’s birthday party with friends and family, a car pulls up into the middle of the party, with a knight in full armor standing on the hood. Everyone stopped to see the car “ride” the knight into the party slowly. He jumps from the car, walks up to Jacquie, kneels, lifts his visor and proposes to her right there. It was amazing!
I mean, I’ve known Jacquie a long time but I’ve NEVER seen her as surprised as she was yesterday. She cried with happiness and everyone cheered them on. It was a great day and I have a feeling everyone will be talking about this for a long time.
Thanks to the book I bought him, Mark was able to create a magic proposal that everyone loved (inspired from story #74 in the book), and thank goodness he did!
Much better than a proposal over dinner, right?
Here’s the book I found for him to create this magical proposal:

For more details click here

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Romantics Guide To Popping The Question - 101 Marriage Propsal Stories. Leading Book On Marriage Proposals.Tips, Ideas And 101 Real Life Stories

Romantics Guide To Popping The Question - 101 Marriage Propsal Stories. Leading Book On Marriage Proposals. Tips, Ideas And 101 Real Life Stories Of Engagements. By Michael Webb, Oprahs Romance Expert.
7,329 marriage proposal stories flooded in from around the world and were narrowed down to 101 of the VERY BEST proposal ideas. Why leave your proposal to chance?
Dear Friend,
Right here, right now, I promise that you won't find such awe-inspiring and mind blowing marriage proposal stories anywhere in the world.
How can I promise this?
Because I hand-picked the VERY BEST marriage proposal ideas from over 7,329 entries in a contest I held.
"The 101 Best Marriage Proposal Ideas"
Inside The Romantic's Guide To Popping The Question…

You'll find…
Inexpensive proposal stories
Elaborate proposal stories
Creative proposal stories
Romantic proposal stories
Proposals surrounded by friends and family+
Private and intimate proposals
Sentimental proposals
Proposals including your religious faith
Christmas, Easter, New Years & Halloween proposal ideas
Proposals in nature
Proposals by women!
Proposals that conceal the ring in a unique way
Proposals involving family and friends
And much more…

you'll also learn:
The worst time of day to get engaged… get this wrong and you could ruin the entire proposal
How to make $500 from your proposal - it's pretty simple really
A little known secret for getting a free engagement ring - one that is usually far
nicer than one you could afford to buy… no joke – you can get a free ring by following this advice
What four words you should NEVER say during a proposal
4 places you should NEVER pop the question
The 5 things you MUST do if you want to videotape your proposal… get this wrong and you might ruin the entire surprise!
How soon you should propose to give you the best odds of NOT getting a divorce
And much much more…

"I'm a huge hero to everyone."
Your ideas ROCK! I wanted to propose this weekend and was going to do it over dinner at a nice restaurant in town but thought perhaps there was a better way.
Now I realize my idea would have been sooooo lame compared to what you inspired me to do. She's been telling everyone how fantastic it was and I'm a huge hero to everyone. I liked how most of the ideas didn't cost much money.
– Stephen McLeanRaleigh, North Carolina
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For better or worse, in sickness and in health…

Do you remember the love that brought the two of you together that day? Seem but a distant memory?
Nobody ever said it would be easy, and certainly nothing prepares you for the life change that you undertake in marriage. There is no manual that comes with the marriage license that tells you how to make things work. So you blunder on, doing the best you can. But what if that’s not enough? Don’t be scared to ask for help. You can save yourself the stress and emotional heartache and re ignite the passion that you once both felt. Let Amy Waterman help you and your partner resolve your conflicts, and get your loving partner back. Its not going to be easy, but Amy provides you with all the relationship advice tools necessary to facilitate dialogue and works towards repairing the hurt of a failing marriage.
Amy has created a valuable tool that will change your marriage and change your life! See it for yourself. Visit:
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Don’t give up on your marriage

Couples all over the globe give up on their marriages every year, and they do so needlessly. If they knew what to do to open the lines of communication and talk to their partners, they could save themselves a lot of stress and heartache.
You never thought the day you married that you would end up divorcing. In fact, it would have been the furthest thing from your mind. If you don’t take action now, your marriage will fail.
Online author Amy Waterman has all the techniques necessary to facilitate resolving conflicts, increase self esteem, learn about forgiveness, and re ignite the passion that you both once felt. With Amy’s help you can save your marriage and avoid being a divorce statistic. It may be the best advice you have ever had!
And avoid being another statistic....
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Saving Marriages With Unconditional Love

In the middle of a session the other day I had a powerful realization. I was asked to think of a relationship I had with something in the last week that in my mind was the ideal relationship, and to think of what it was about that relationship that made it ideal.
A number of men in the group thought of their cars, tool sheds, families, workmates, old friends, even relationships with objects such as their television remote, recliner chair, or favorite pair of shoes. To each of these men, these things felt comfortable, and simple. The relationships they had with these people or objects was rewarding and easy to maintain.
When my turn came to identify my ideal relationship, I thought of my dog. My dog has very simple needs, and it is the ultimate ego-boost for me when I get home at night and I am greeted in such an enthusiastic fashion. I don’t know of any others that greet me so enthusiastically night after night. No matter how long I have been away from the house or no matter how my day has been. I call this unconditional love.
So what is unconditional love?
Unconditional love is the type of love that comes without conditions. It is the type of love that you have for your partner when the romantic, hollywood-style love is gone. Once the romantic love is gone you make the transition to "real" love. Real love is love you have for your partner despite the knowledge that they are not perfect. You know your partner has faults. You know your partner is not perfect. You know your partner makes mistakes sometimes, but that’s okay. You still love them. This is unconditional love.
The same thing applies to you however in looking at your partner’s faults. You acknowledge that you are the same. You have faults. You are not perfect. You know you make mistakes sometimes, but that’s okay. That’s called self-acceptance, and you expect unconditional love to overcome the faults and imperfections that people have.
So what do you get from this then? Should we all go out and get dogs to teach us something about unconditional love? Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt here. We all clutter our lives with trials and tribulations, and there is the temptation to let our issues rule our lives.

But if you are serious about saving your marriage you need to put the clutter to one side and let your unconditional love come through. It is okay to have faults and make mistakes. And love will conquer them all.
Have a think about unconditional love and how you can apply this realization to your relationship.
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Communication Breakdown

It happens to the best of us. Communication is such a fickle thing, and the lines of communication can become blurred every so often, especially when feelings are involved. Even those who think that they are immune to the confusion of conflict can find themselves drawn into a communication breakdown when they least expect it, and chaos ensues.
This happened to me on the weekend, and until to be quite honest, it took me by surprise. Even those of us who are better equipped than many others are not immune. My partner told me something that really hurt my feelings, and I lashed back in defense. It was a silly argument, over something as simple as a misplaced bottle of aftershave. But to me, it represented something much deeper, that had been simmering away for a couple of weeks. I get frustrated at having to search for something when it is not where I expect it to be. Worse still when my partner has shifted it and I don’t know the first place to begin searching.
Aftershave, needles and thread, car keys, a Tupperware container to store my baking soda in, covers for our outdoor chairs, all were examples of instances where I had to turn the house upside-down. A simple answer from my partner when these things were shifted would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. And the answer I got? "You need to open your eyes and organize yourself better"
I was gutted. When I come home from work I exercise the dog and cook dinner so that it is on the table by the time my partner gets home. The house is always spotless and warm, as I’m very conscious of coming home to a tidy environment. I see this as a fundamental part of my role in coming home first, and it takes a lot of my time. To imply that I have the time to "organize yourself better" really hurt.
I don’t expect praise, but I did hope that my efforts were recognized. I got told that "I don’t expect you to cook my dinner every night" was interpreted by me as ingratitude, and hurt me even more.
So where to from here? My partner felt guilty at coming home every night to the perfect household, whereas I felt guilty if it wasn’t perfect. It was never about me trying to make him feel guilty, but it seems it did. And this is where the communication fell down. He misinterpreted my efforts, and I misinterpreted his response.
Communication, communication, communication. I need for my partner to keep me informed of where things move to. I need to be informed. I need to voice my frustration before it gets to boiling point. We both need to talk about our feelings more, and how each of our contributions to our home and our relationship make us feel, and how we interpret each others contributions. It is not a competition, but for many couples it feels like it.
When people feel guilt or stress, it leads them to act funny ways. Often stress and guilt are barriers to communication. The key to overcoming them is to recognize what it is, and have the courage to talk about it. You might be able to do it as a couple, or you might want the help of a friend who can listen to the way you are communicating with each other and offer insights and advice.
We got it sorted out, and kissed and hugged. It wouldn’t hurt so much if I didn’t feel such love at the same time. But it served as a good reminder to me. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own emotions that you forget to think of the other person. You also need to entertain the possibility that you are misinterpreting each other. Talking about it is the way to expose the miscommunication and let the healing begin.
A good lesson to learn, even for the experts…
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Tips on how to rescue your marriage

Hi there,
I was talking to my friend Amy Waterman the other day, and we were talking about marriage. She was saying that the single biggest reason couples break up is due to poor communication. I tended to agree. She showed me the book she has written on marriage counseling and I was very impressed! Amy is the online author of an online guide to helping stressed couples come together and work on patching up severed relationships. I had a good look over the book and I was so impressed that someone has finally come up with a guide that covers all the fundamental issues of that arise during married life. So many couples break up over issues that could have been resolved if they had only opened the lines of communication and worked towards a solution. Some couples couldn’t work towards a solution, and some wanted to, but didn’t know how.
Amy's style helps couples, both young and old, repair their relationship problems and re ignite the spark that once existed before it is too late. Its quite normal for a marriage to go through cycles, and arguments will happen from time to time. Its how you deal with those arguments and disagreements that dictates the health of your relationship. Amy shows you the appropriate way to raise issues and deal with them in a way that takes into account the feelings of both parties and delivers an outcome that avoids the stress, pain and emotional trauma of marital failure.
She deals with topics such as:
Tips on how to rescue your marriage
How to reintroduce passion
How to repair your marriage after an affair
Self assessment
Gestures that are more important than wordsAnd much more...........
Many people split from their husbands and wives and go through enormous trauma all because they are unable to deal with a problem that ultimately could have saved them a lot of heartache, as well as money. Its just crazy! Amy makes it easy for you by identifying things that could jeopardize your marriage and showing you how to avoid them. If you are serious about saving your marriage and making your love endure, you should learn all you can about communication, commitment, patience, and beliefs that will make your relationship stronger.
In addition to this she has included a free email consultation so that customers can discuss their specific problems with her.
I really do believe Amy is onto a good thing here, and she really wants to help. The techniques she reveals are thought provoking and have been proven over and over to help save marriages. I was very impressed when I finished reading this material and have recommended it to everyone I know.
I would encourage you to look for yourself and do something today to save your marriage before it is too late!
And take control of your happiness. I’m sure you will be as impressed as I was.Bye for now,
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How to repair your marriage after an affair

Hi there,
I get the opportunity to review a lot of products that come across my desk, so its easy to lose interest in a lot of what I see. That was, until recently when I met Amy Waterman. Amy, online author of Save My Marriage Today Asked me to have a look over her book and tell her what I thought. At first I was skeptical, but I thought, hey, I have friends who are in bad marriages, and this information might be good for one of them, so I decided to read it closely. By the time I had finished, I was hooked! I realized for the first time, that this book would be really helpful for couples with marital difficulties. I don’t just mean young couples either. This book applies to couples young and old. So I thought I would share this book with you too. Everybody knows someone who is in a difficult or failing marriage, or it may even be you.....
Nobody said marriage was ever going to be easy, and if they did, they were lying. It’s perfectly normal in a marriage to have disagreements and times when things involve a little more effort than they used to. In an ideal world we would sit and talk about these changes and differences in a calm and rational manner, and establish an outcome and move on. Unfortunately things don’t always work like that. Its all too easy to get caught up in the moment and let things deteriorate to the point where you are both wondering why you are still in it.
Amy has developed a book that encourages couples to break the ice and develop ways to interact and strengthen their failing relationship. She deals with topics such as:
Tips on how to rescue your marriage
How to reintroduce passion
How to repair your marriage after an affair
Self assessment
Gestures that are more important than words
And much, much more....
Over 2 million couples divorce every year, and many of those could have been avoided if those couples communicated and applied the techniques that Amy shows us in her book. She can’t work miracles and save every marriage, but if you are serious about resurrecting the love you once had for your partner and saving your marriage, you should maximize your chances and read and apply the relationship advice that Amy has to offer.
Amy is able to identify where you have been going wrong, and shows you how to avoid those crucial mistakes that actually jeopardize your chances of saving your failing marriage.
In addition to this she has included a free email consultation so that customers can
discuss their specific problems with her.
I really do believe Amy is onto a good thing here, and she really can help.
The techniques she reveals are thought provoking and have been proven over and over to help save marriages. I was very impressed when I finished reading this material and have recommended it to everyone I know.
But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! Take a look at:
I promise you won’t be disappointed, and best of all, it could turn your life around!
All the best,
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Save My Marriage Today! Have You Ever Stayed Awake at Night Stressing About Whether or Not Your Marriage Will Last

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"I stumbled across your website and confess it has been a great blessing to me for the last five days. After reading through your well-written and straight-to-the-point articles, I feel I am starting to find some meaning in my life again. Much of what you say requires that I honestly examine myself, and that is exactly what I am doing now. Be blessed. "-- Amos K.
I've seen miracles worked with troubled marriages that appeared to be absolutely beyond repair. Many couples have bounced back from a vast range of seemingly irreversible problems, such as:
unresolved conflicts
extra-marital affairs
lack of intimacy
excessive fighting
ineffective or not enough communication
not enough quality time for busy schedules
a suffocating partner
children issues
trial separations
and many more complex and difficult situations
Does any of this sound familiar? I strongly believe that with the right information, virtually anyone can have the marriage of their dreams because I've seen first hand what works.
Keep reading and I'll tell you how to resolve your marriage problems and gain the relationship of your dreams! Follow my methods, and you'll experience significant results.
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Discover one of the most destructive things in a marriage crisis that you're probably doing. It usually leads to divorce, so you'd better listen up and learn how to break free from this and replace this with more constructive habits. How to get your spouse to change their attitude. (I've seen the methods employed in this chapter alone help turn around dozens of marriages) Find out how to get your spouse to fall back in love with you! This is absolutely critical information and will have a dramatic effect on your life. The powerful 4 step formula to stop cheating dead in its tracks (pages 126 to 132). The 3 things that most people do to win their partners back after a split. These things usually DON'T work. Find out why, and what you MUST be doing instead to win back your marriage! The one thing that you absolutely HAVE to do if you are serious about saving your marriage and getting your partner to love you again. Discover the REAL REASON why a lot of marriages fail - and what to do about it...
And You'll Also Discover Powerful Insights On...
Did you know that "hard work" on your relationship isn't always the answer? Learn how to change the momentum of your relationship fast!
Want to know how to re-introduce passion into your marriage? Learn powerful strategies for re-igniting the intimacy in your relationship - no matter how long you have been married! You'll also learn specific techniques for re approaching sex and intimacy after an affair.
Discover how to repair your relationship and heal the pain after an affair. Understanding how an affair occurred and deciding what happens next is an enormous challenge. You'll learn how to deal with the emotional aspect of the affair, others who may know what's going on (friends, relatives, etc.), how to deal with the kids,
how to deal with the "other man"/"other woman," and much much more!
Learn the specifics about how to deal with personal attacks. Find out the best response for dealing with an angry spouse.
Does your marriage require a marriage counselor? Find out how to get the best out of them so that they actually do help you build a stronger marriage.
Learn exactly what is involved in a successful marriage and how to keep it that way.
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