Romantics Guide To Popping The Question - 101 Marriage Propsal Stories. Leading Book On Marriage Proposals.Tips, Ideas And 101 Real Life Stories

Romantics Guide To Popping The Question - 101 Marriage Propsal Stories. Leading Book On Marriage Proposals. Tips, Ideas And 101 Real Life Stories Of Engagements. By Michael Webb, Oprahs Romance Expert.
7,329 marriage proposal stories flooded in from around the world and were narrowed down to 101 of the VERY BEST proposal ideas. Why leave your proposal to chance?
Dear Friend,
Right here, right now, I promise that you won't find such awe-inspiring and mind blowing marriage proposal stories anywhere in the world.
How can I promise this?
Because I hand-picked the VERY BEST marriage proposal ideas from over 7,329 entries in a contest I held.
"The 101 Best Marriage Proposal Ideas"
Inside The Romantic's Guide To Popping The Question…

You'll find…
Inexpensive proposal stories
Elaborate proposal stories
Creative proposal stories
Romantic proposal stories
Proposals surrounded by friends and family+
Private and intimate proposals
Sentimental proposals
Proposals including your religious faith
Christmas, Easter, New Years & Halloween proposal ideas
Proposals in nature
Proposals by women!
Proposals that conceal the ring in a unique way
Proposals involving family and friends
And much more…

you'll also learn:
The worst time of day to get engaged… get this wrong and you could ruin the entire proposal
How to make $500 from your proposal - it's pretty simple really
A little known secret for getting a free engagement ring - one that is usually far
nicer than one you could afford to buy… no joke – you can get a free ring by following this advice
What four words you should NEVER say during a proposal
4 places you should NEVER pop the question
The 5 things you MUST do if you want to videotape your proposal… get this wrong and you might ruin the entire surprise!
How soon you should propose to give you the best odds of NOT getting a divorce
And much much more…

"I'm a huge hero to everyone."
Your ideas ROCK! I wanted to propose this weekend and was going to do it over dinner at a nice restaurant in town but thought perhaps there was a better way.
Now I realize my idea would have been sooooo lame compared to what you inspired me to do. She's been telling everyone how fantastic it was and I'm a huge hero to everyone. I liked how most of the ideas didn't cost much money.
– Stephen McLeanRaleigh, North Carolina
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