Courage to Face the Crud

In the second tape segment, you hear Sue and her experience of hitting the wall - the 3 week crying jag.
These tears were different than the tears/pain felt upon discovery of the affair. They had a different flavor and different purpose.
She knew she could not run away from these tears. If she did, they would only appear later, perhaps in more powerful destructive forms.
Was this "work" for Sue?
Did she invite these tears or did they just happen?
Did she have any control over them?
How did she break through?
What was on the other side?
Sue addresses these questions in the tape.
Also, as you listen, hear her insightful comments about her desire to yell and scream, make knee-jerk decisions and take action she might regret. (This has great application, in all affairs except perhaps #2: "I Don't Want to Say No.") See Break Free From the Affair for the characteristics of the 7 kinds of affairs.
Sue found wisdom, healing, confidence and calmness within. You can also. In reality, that's the ONLY place you will find it. What can you learn from Sue to help you get there?
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