Other Nuggets in this Short

Sue talks about the importance of waiting and the stages of waiting. Three periods of waiting:
1. Waiting for her crazy husband to change. (waste of time, but perhaps the first phase or stage of coping with infidelity)
2. Waiting for herself to be comfortable with her before she acted. (Now this is a challenge, but well worth the struggle)
3. Waiting for the process to complete. (Sue is now waiting to see what growth and decisisions her husband will make. She has a timeline of a few weeks [not months or years] to wait. If he continues down a path with the OP she will file for divorce. However, she is confident he is growing toward her and the marriage. Recent conversations and his changing behavior indicate so.) Sue can now wait with confidence, purpose and calmness after breaking through the wall of pain.
One more goodie from the tape: expectations.
Sue offers her wisdom and thinking on dealing with expectations. Great nuggets of truth.
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