Dating EBook(R) And Guide For Single Men Seeking Beautiful Women.

Who Else Wants To Know How Meet Sexy Women - No Matter What You Look Like or How Much Money You Make?
From: Elena & AndrewMonday, 8:25 am
Dear single guy looking for more action,
Let's face it: lonely nights suck.Day by day, week by week, going without sex and without as little as a proper date - it sucks. With the right don't have to be single anymore!
Your life feels like you are simply going through movements, every day seems just the same as another; your phone seldom rings, except for your buddies, and you start wondering if you are ever going to have a beautiful sexy woman to share your bed with.
Now, let's talk about you.
How many times you've seen a beautiful sexy woman you'd like to get to know better, only to find yourself speechless and motionless, unable to even look her in the eye - needless to say, you never approached her, and never had a sexual relationship with her?
Do you have a woman in your life that you'd love to ask out - a co-worker, a friend, a neighbour, a waitress in a restaurant you frequent, or just a woman you see from time to time at a certain place, and as much as you like her and would love to approach her, you never quite got the guts to do it?
· How much would your life change if you could fearlessly and confidently approach ANY woman, and have her smiling and laughing in just a couple of minutes?
· How much more confident would you feel approaching women if you knew EXACTLY what to say to beautiful sexy women you'd like to get close and personal with?
· What would it feel like if you could easily and effortlessly advance your relationships with beautiful women from the first "Hi" to breakfast in bed together in just a few days - or even the same night you met her for the first time?
This would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?
How would it feel, to walk into a room with a beautiful woman on your arm, and see the expression on your friends' faces when they see how this beautiful sexy woman looks at you and presses her body against yours?
What would your friends say if you told them you can approach any woman and get her phone number in just 5 minutes - and then you went ahead and did it - right in front of their eyes?
How would you feel waking up in the morning and seeing a beautiful woman sleeping next to you, her sweet perfume filling the room and her long hair lightly touching your body, making you to want to wake her up with your kiss and continue from where you stopped just before your both fell asleep?
Imagine yourself, just 12 short weeks from now, having all this and knowing that you can have it any time you want it - how much value would you put on that?
The reason why I'm asking is because sometimes huge changes in life come from small things - you meet someone at a function and get your dream job; you talk to a friend and find the solution for the problem you could not solve for ages; you read a book and change your life in a way you couldn't even imagine just a month or two ago.
You look back in amazement and you realize this became possible because at that day, at that place, you took a leap of faith and moved ahead to get what you really wanted.
Sometimes an opportunity presents itself and all you need to do is just snap it - you know you want it, so you just go ahead and get it.
This is what you will learn - this list is HUGE!
· 7 rules of successful pickup - disregard one of them, and your success with beautiful women is uncertain;
· The #1 thing you must know about meeting women, which is directly connected with your success;
· How your friends affect your success with women - and what you can do about that to get the results you want;
· What is the most attractive trait for women - and how you can use this women's peculiarity to your advantage (most men don't know that because men don't do it!);
· The one crucial difference that separates men who are successful with women from men who are not;
· The simplest technique that always gives you the outcome you want to get - no matter what is the situation, it works time after time;
· The main rule of successful pickup which is paramount for your consistent dating success;
· Why what you say to a woman is not nearly as important as how you say it;
· What is the most prominent factor that determines how successful (or how un-successful) you are with women;
· The TOP 10 places for picking up women in the new millennium;
· What is the #1 reason women go to bars and clubs;
· The critical factor you must be aware of that can be fatal for your pick up;
· The first thing you must know when picking up women in bars and clubs;
· The second important thing that is vital when you approach women in bars and clubs;
· What is the best topic when talking to beautiful women you'd like to take home;
· The biggest thing in approaching women anywhere;
· What is typical of 99% of people, and how this knowledge can help you to be successful with women;
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