How to drive her crazy with desire while you play it totally cool, calm and collected!

We need to understand a very basic fact. Women are naturally, automatically attracted to guys that are confident and comfortable with themselves and the lady. It’s thousands of years of “Survival Instinct” subconsciously and sometimes even consciously, programmed into their heads. Confident men, often referred to in psychological books as the “Alpha Male” are viewed by females as the natural born leaders. They’re the strong and self reliant providers and that’s what they instinctively want to attract to themselves and what they feel safe being attracted to. It’s all a matter of mentally programmed survival instinct.
Plus, women like to feel like women and want to be around a guy who makes them feel like a woman. That’s accomplished by a dude that seems strong, powerful, secure, and has his proverbial “shit” together. So, does this mean that if we weren’t born with these natural personality traits, then we are simply out of luck and aren’t going to get the babes? Well, that’s what it used to mean. But now we have a couple of secret weapons that’ll change your life and your luck with the ladies forever. The names of those secret weapons are “Self-Hypnotic Suggestion” and “Self-Subconscious Implantation!”You see, somewhere along the road most of us some how got “f**ked up” in the head by someone. It could be a parent, or sibling, maybe a relative or neighbor. Perhaps it was a teacher, or some other culturally accepted authority figure, maybe even a total stranger. Or, as is most often the case, we simply did it to ourselves.
The human mind is like a computer – whatever you program into the computer, is what you are going to get out of it. Sometimes, if your inputting skills are lacking or if there is a flaw or glitch in the system, what comes out is distorted, warped and barely recognizable as what was intended to be filed away for safe keeping.
So, a misunderstanding with a friend, a harsh comment by a teacher, a cruel word by a parent, or even simply being turned down when making an early attempt to steal a kiss or hold a girls hand while walking, can create devastating effects. Left alone
and unchallenged, they will debilitate and subconsciously handicap a guy for life, until he takes the time to go back in and “Re-Program” out the garbage information and replace it with the “Proper Data” that will be useful and effective for him to run a successful love life!
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