Increase Your Confidence! Be Totally At Ease Around Women Using Self-hypnosis!Will Make You Sexually Attractive To Over 87% Of Single Women!"

Increase Your Confidence! Be Totally At Ease Around Women Using Self-hypnosis!
"HypnoDate Version IIWill Make You Sexually Attractive To Over 87% Of Single Women!" - Simon Swift, Seduction Expert"Attract And Sleep With TWO Women By The End Of The Week!"
Discover The Hypnotic Secrets That Will Boost Your Confidence and Charisma Enabling YOU To Get Almost ANY HOT Woman Within 5 Minutes...And Have Them In Bed The Very Same Night!
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Steve, UK
Learn today, how to instantly create a subconscious state of “Hypnotic Confidence” allowing you to approach and seduce, any woman you choose - with total ease and finesse!The Ancient, Well-Guarded Secrets To Seduce Women, Now revealed in an easy to follow, step-by-step, online guide!
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Made Fully Legal At Last: HypnoDate is back!Without losing the essence of the powerful secrets that made the original HypnoDate so effective, we now have a 100% legal version II of the product, available here!
This is the bigger, better and more powerful HypnoDate version II... In a few moments I'm going to tell you a secret that very few men know, and as soon as you know it, your success with women will go through the roof...
You've heard the stories, but you never really believed it, or at least, you never actually knew anyone, personally, who held and demonstrated this magnificent hypnotic wisdom and knowledge. Now that person can be YOU!
Fat, Bald, Old, Broke or Ugly? None of that matters anymore!
You’ve seen 'em all your life! Those guys that p**s you off to no end. Balding, overweight, short, and ugly, older guys, walking around with a gorgeous babe on each arm. You first thought it must be “Money,” but then you’d check out their clothes, their shoes and when you followed them out to the parking lot to scope out their ride, you quickly found out that MONEY obviously wasn’t the secret. So what was it???
In a recent survey carried out, 5 factors emerged that women found most attractive in men they are looking to get with.
They are:
Good Looking
Sense of Humor
Ultra Confidence
Being Successful
Ability to protect and give a Sense of Safety to the woman
Can you guess which one was the top of their list?
Well, the winner by a large margin was confidence.
And luckily for you, confidence is the one we can truly help you with. We can't make you rich, we can't make you funny and we can't change your looks.
But what we CAN do is give you an unmovable rock-solid confidence that draws women to you faster than a one day purse and shoe sale!
he Mysterious Hidden Truths and Techniques of the Historical “Great Lovers throughout the Centuries,” Now Compiled into a single, step-by-step, simple to follow, easy to read and USE online edition!
You are able to Learn:
How to drive her crazy with desire while you play it totally cool, calm and collected!
What to do to make her want “Sex” with you!
How to activate the hypnotic command that will make your “fear of rejection disappear” whenever you need extra confidence!
The way to use her natural curiosity as a trusted ally, working constantly for your team!
How to present yourself in such a way, that she decides she wants to sleep with you in the first few minutes she sees you!
The single “Most Important” thing to remember when hooking up with a lady to get you where you want to be - fast!
How to use women’s addiction to conversation, as a short cut to getting into their beds tonight!
Why it’s psychologically normal for most women to subconsciously want "great sex", just as much as men, if provided the right opportunity and environment!
How to decipher a beautiful woman’s subconscious thoughts to help you score sooner and more often!
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