Better Sex Audiobook And EBook(R) Guides

Better Sex Audiobook And EBook(R) Guides. Dazzle Your Partner With Amazing Kama Sutra Positions Or Create A Deeper Spiritual Connection With Our Tantra Sex Tips

“Deep Sexual Bliss Is Only Moments Away...Allow Discovery Channel's Sexperts Al & PalaTo Guide You Through Sexual Mastery”
You'll Discover You're Only Using 25% of Your Sexual Expression and Pleasure Potential. This New Multimedia Home Study Course Will Show How to Explore the Other 75%!
That Elusive Female Orgasm Has Now Been Conquered Deep Sexual Release Can Now Be Triggered at Any Time You'll Make Multiple Orgasms Easy
Research shows women can have a hard time achieving orgasm during intercourse. Women often blame their lack of response on their partner. But climax lies within the woman's control. In fact, a woman can have eight different types of very satisfying orgasms. You'll discover these in Awakening a Woman's Orgasm.

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The 8 (!!) different types of female orgasms and how you can attain each of them (page 3)
The stroke technique that will bring you the most pleasure during intercourse - and what vacuum has to do with it (page 84)
The two "Orgasmic awakeners" - what they are and how you can use them (page 9)
The pleasures of masturbation for women – detailed instructions on how and why to do it (page 76)
Why creating a pleasure attitude is healthy (page 15)
Try this mental exercise and experience full orgasmic experiences (page 17)
What the "Pelvic Squeeze" is and when to do it (page 28)
Positive body image and how it affects love AND your sexual appetite (page 50)
The easiest access to female orgasm and how pheromones play an important part for getting there (page 20)
Fire and water - how it relates to desire (page 52)
How ancient breathing techniques can deepen an orgasm and how to do it correctly (page 60)
How to build your pelvic muscles for added sensitivity (page 31)
The role breasts play in orgasms and how to use them to their fullest potential (page 63)
How to remain focused on your pleasure while maintaining your partners pleasure (page 66)
How the "Conch Shell" nerve works (page 59)
Detailed instructions for your own "Yoni Exploration" (page 23)
Common vaginal myths dispelled (page 20)
Why you must let go of control and the four ways to practice (page 36)
How you can get rid of restraining "Good Girl" sexual messages (page 11)
Love and how it affects a woman’s sexual appetite (page 46)
The sex toys that can add pleasure two and three-fold (page 98)
What " Aphrodisiacs" are and why it's important that you use them (page 102)

Voluntary Ejaculation and Male Multiple Orgasms:
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· What are the three types of male orgasms and the benefit of each (page 7)
· Why creating an "Arousal Map" is important in learning control (page 12)
· The 10 different stages of arousal and how (and why) you must learn to identify them (page 13)
· What a "Soft Entry" is and how to do it (page 24)
· The four stages of erection and how you should use use them. And more importantly... how NOT to use them (page 26)
· How to recognize and stop an impending ejaculation before it's too late (page33)
· What is "PC Pumping" and how it enriches your lovemaking (page 52)
· The benefits of masturbation for you AND your partner (page 65)
· Why separating orgasm from ejaculation will improve your lovemaking (page 71)
· Why a full body massage is beneficial, to BOTH partners (page 90)
· Where the "Sea of Intimacy" points of your body are, and the wonderful things they do (page 92)
· The acupressure points to use when you need to delay ejaculation (page 91)
· The pros and cons of “quickies” for men and women (page 106)
· What the best aphrodisiacs are and how you can put them to use (page 113)
· How to accomplish an orgasm without ejaculation and LIKE it (page 6)
· The knowledge about erections that erases performance anxiety (page 28)
· How breathing delays ejaculation
but improves the orgasm (page 34)
· What the benefits of "Deep Belly Breathing" are – for both you and your lover (page 35)
· What condoms can be used for (in addition to birth control) (page 40)
· The role of "Shallow Thrusting" and how it prolongs lovemaking (page 51)
· What is the "Passion Pump" and how does it circulates your sexual energy, so you can use it over and over again (page 58)
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