Just What Can A Professional Salesman Teach You In Your Relationship

"Just What Can A Professional Salesman Teach You In Your Relationship"By Cucan Pemo
You may not know this, but do you know that whatever it isthat you hold a strong belief on - whether you realize it ornot, whether consciously or subconscoiusly - how yourenvironment will be, how people will react and respond toyou, will exactly be THAT which will support what YOUbelieve to be true?
As within, so without.
If you are always having conflicts, disagreements, andfights with the love of your life, and you keep wondering whyyou have to face such a difficult sitaution in your love life orrelationship, there is a reason for all these happening!
Do you know how your reality in life and in your relationshiplife comes about? They do not come about by chance! You see, you are the one who conducts the orchestra. You andyour partner are playing a piece of music together; and bothof you could have been playing the same piece of music together for so long that you never even realize it. The situationor circumstance in your relationship life comes about becauseyou have intend "your piece of music" to be that way. If youdo not change the way you play the music, the same circumstanceor situation in your relationship or marriage life will alwaysappear the same to you, since it matches your beliefs and vibration.The evidence and proofs (that YOU want to see) will start tospring up from everywhere around you, so that you'll feel thatit feels right things are the way they are right now.
De-hypnotize yourself now!
Here is the story of a salesman from "Zero Resistance Selling"and his story will open up your eyes and your mind to seeking acreative solution for yourself if you like to make a re-connectionwith your partner or spouse and make love work for you again.
Once a young salesman cornered a professional salesman after a seminar, to complain passionately about the executive he had to deal with at one of his key accounts.
"Everytime I go to him with a new product, a new idea, a better way of doing things," he said, "he instantly shoots it down or brushes me off. How am I ever goig to expand this account's value if I can't even get my ideas listened to? There's just no point even telling this guy about anything new."
I asked,"How do you usually approach this fellow with your ideas?" I listened as the salesman described when and how he went to this customer with new products or ideas. He described what he said and what the clientsaid.
"Does it always happen like that?" I inquired.
"Absolutely," the salesman said. "It's as if there wasa script and we each read out parts."
"It might as well be," I told him. "As long as you make the same first move, he is going to make the samesecond move. You and he are having the same chess matchover and over again. Because you are frustrated with this client, you keep approaching him exactly the sameway, just waiting for his unsatisfactory response. And you get it.
Let me tell you what a person with the habit ofoptimistic response might do.
First, he would STOP doing the same thing over and over.
Second, he would know two things in his heart: one, thatthis person can be reached, interested, opened up, eveninspired - because EVERY human being can be!
Third, he would keep trying different approaches untilone proved effective."
If whatever methods or approaches you are making is notworking for you to make that connection again, STOP usingthe same unproductive approaches over and over again.
Second, realise that EVERY human beings can be inspired andmotivated. Make the efforts to find out what motivates yourpartner or your spouse, NOW. Remember that what motivateshim/her years ago might not be the same as of TODAY. But onetruth about human nature stays the same throughoutcenturies. Everyone of us needs a little uplifting every nowand then.
Third, if that salesman comes up to me and all he wants totalk about is himself and how good his products are, I WILLstop listening. You see, I'm sick of listening to sales pitch.
Think about this, if all you want to do is to come up to meand talk about why YOU are needed by me and why YOU should be staying by my side, even "brainstorming" with me why I am wrong and why you are right, please go away.
Truth is, I'm sick of listening to the same old things over and over again. Do you have anything better andmore refreshing to do and say THAT WILL UPLIFT MY SPIRIT?
Apply these insights into your life and your relationship, and I can assure you, you can be on your way making relationshipand love work for you again.
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