The Power of A Proper Attitude When Your Relationship Is Driving You Crazy

The Power of A Proper Attitude When Your Relationship Is Driving You Crazy By Cucan Pemo
There was once when someone wrote me and told me how hopeless and disappointed he felt when his girl-friend didn't take the initiative to invite him over to her hometown for her birthday celebration.
Worse, he was being informed by his girlfriend that she just met up with one of her former, "close" boyfriends.
Just by reading his mail, you could sense that his relationship was scarred and it was definitely not going smoothly.
He was not alone, feeling this way.
There was a time when my boy-friend didn't call me up as he usually would, when he went away for a sporting competition with his mates during the weekends.
I knew exactly where he went to, where he was, what he was doing; yet during that morning when I had had some time to take a break and was having a quiet morning; I couldn't help feeling uneasy and restless - that day!
I'm sure it happened to a number of you. Suddenly you just kept feeling restless, and you simply can't stop telling yourself stories (in your head, sort of like talking to yourself - an internal dialogue).
Things got worst when he didn't manage to give me a call that day; and I got more and more agitated, with my-self, as well as him!
I was quick to become fully conscious and aware of this inner dialogue and the agitations I'm feeling. It felt as if I was watching "someone" getting madder and restless, full of stories in her head!
He did call up late in the night (near midnight!); claiming that he was so caught with the preparation for his race that he didn't really have time to contact me upon his arrival in the noon.
I told myself I could have scream at him that he broke his "promise" of not calling at that specific time; and accused him of not staying back home to accompany me, but chose to spend the weekends with his buddies.
Yet, I was so relieved to hear his voice! When I recalled what happened during the day; I couldn't help laughing at myself! Boy! Our internal dialogue and "conversations" with our-selves can really torture us!
Feelings of insecurity and jealousy definitely have no place in a long term, committed relationship.
On the other hand; I'm not siding with the girl-friend mentioned above. She could have chosen to handle things differently and take into considerations the feelings of her boy-friend.
However, it is not worth it to torture your-self and make yourself unhappy when things are not seemingly going your way!
The guy told me his thoughts:"Disappointed - because she didn't take the initiative to invite him over to her party""Angry and frustrated - because of the presence of her "close friend"It all comes down to just how you can cultivate the right attitude towards yourself.
Getting the right attitude is the first thing on your list of things to do when you’re feeling helpless and frustrated about how things are going.
If you have learnt the laws of attraction, you'll understand that it's based on the idea that what you do and think in this world will then affect the outcome of your life.
For example, if you don’t believe that you can create your own wealth and abundance, chances are likely that you won’t.
If you don’t believe in a loving relationship, then you will not find one. But it’s not impossible to change the way that you think. All you need is the right tools to begin. Here are some ways to get started.
What you may not know
To begin, you will want to start thinking about the way that you think right now. What you can do is write down all of your thoughts during the day to see how many negative thoughts you have.
This can be a highly enlightening experience. Just the writing down of your thoughts can be interesting because you will start to realize just how many thoughts you have each day.
Once you’ve gotten a good idea of how many negative thoughts you can have during a typical day, it time to start turning them into abundance attracting thoughts – and you can do this by starting to question the way that you think.
Just by simply slowing down your thinking and asking yourself ‘why’ you think the way you do, you will start to see the fault in some of your lines of reasoning. You’ll realize that you really don’t have a reason for thinking what you do – or you just don’t have a ‘good’ reason.
But here’s the next step
Try to counter any negative thoughts with positive ideas. Many people find it to be a good practice to write down the negative thoughts they have and then counter them with something that turns the thought into a positive statement.
For example, if you sit around thinking that you just don’t have any money, change it into the idea that you might not have money now, but you will in the next few weeks. If you’re worried about paying your bills, tell yourself that you always have the money each month and you will again the next month.
You might also want to say the positive ‘rebuttal’ aloud if you’re in a place where you feel safe to do so. Simply tell yourself to ‘stop’ the negative thought, repeat it and then change it to something more positive. Then repeat that positive thought again to help yourself remember what you ‘should’ be thinking.
The power of a proper attitude
When you start to create a more positive mindset, it’s amazing what your life can become.
Not only will you begin to notice the good in everything around you, but you will also begin to see the opportunity in your environment. You’ll begin to see challenges as challenges, rather than instant problems. You’ll begin to see a chance to make things better as opposed to feeling hopeless about certain parts of your life.
And a positive attitude has also been linked to many health benefits too. People who are more positive tend to have fewer colds and flus than negative people. There is even some scientific research that is showing that more positive thinkers also tend to suffer less during illnesses as well as fight cancers and other diseases more easily.
An everyday process
Creating a positive mind is not something that you can just ‘do’ and then neglect; it is something that you must cultivate and nourish each day of your life.
You can accomplish this through keeping a journal of your positive thoughts or taking the time to be grateful for the positive things in your life. Some people find that thanking their chosen deity or religious practices to be comforting. Whatever helps you to feel like you are able to maintain your positive attitude, try to incorporate it into each day.
As you find your life and your attitude to be more positive each day, you will find that things come to you more easily. You’re not struggling with your life as much as you once were. This is due to the laws of attraction. Because you are putting good ‘vibes’ into the world, they are returning to you in the form of less stress and resistance in your life. Learn to become fully conscious and aware of your internal "dialogues". The power of positive thinking? Absolutely.
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