Learn how to break ANY habit in 21 days (or less) guaranteed

Habit Busting Audio Program. Audio Program To Break Any Habit In 21 Days Or Less.
"Learn how to break ANY habit in 21 days (or less) guaranteed!"
Do you have a BAD HABIT that's causing you pain... ruining your health... hurting your loved ones... damaging your career... costing you money... or just plain old wasting your time?
Then keep reading!

Because on the following page, I will show how to quickly and painlessly overcome even the worst habits like:
* Overeating or stress eating
* Being a pushover
* Neglecting yourself
* Spending too much money
* Stressing out
* Being a workaholic
* Procrastinating
* Being chronically late
* Being a "yes" person
* Negative thinking
* Losing your temper
* Neglecting your health
* Neglecting your family
* Blaming others for your problems
* Smoking
* Nail biting
* Watching too much TV
* Computer addictions
* Compulsive shopping
* Lying

... Using a proven SYSTEM that 'real people' -- just like you -- have used to break the cycle of deeply entrenched, lifelong habits -- forever.
Keep reading to learn the secret...
The common MYTH that'sholding you back from success!
The idea that you can control your bad habits is a myth.
Bad habits are impulses... so instead of controlling them, you often end up repeating them.
Even though you recognize the stress they cause in your life... and even though you make promises to change your ways... again and again, you repeat the same tired patterns!
That's because a habit, by definition, is an acquired pattern of behavior that has become almost involuntary as a result of frequent repetition.

Read case studies of REAL PEOPLEwho have already used this habit-busting SYSTEM...
Case History 1
This Fortune 500 CEO increased profits by 14.2% when his employees kicked their bad habits...
BEFORE: This CEO's employees were habitually late and routinely left early. Many of them had persistent negative attitudes, mismanaged their time and were notorious procrastinators.
AFTER: The employees overcame their negative self-programming -- allowing them to consistently arrive at work on time feeling refreshed and energized. With a new understanding of WHY they spent so much time procrastinating and HOW to stop, they became more productive and less stressed.
Case History 2
This mother of four revitalized her self-image and improved her relationships with her husband and children by losing 27 pounds AND quitting smoking...
BEFORE: This mother of four was a through-and-through people-pleaser. She always put others first, even to the detriment of her own well-being. And she dealt with the resultant stress by overeating and smoking.
AFTER: Once she understood WHERE her bad habits came from and how to easily break them for the first time in her life, she was able to revitalize her self-image and improve her relationships with her husband and children. Not only that, but she was finally able to be the role model she wanted her children to see.

The "Habit Busting Secrets: How to Break Any Habit in 21 Days" system includes 2 CDs and a detailed Action Plan, containing information on things like:
The #1 most critical step to success
How many times your subconscious mind must hear new material to learn and integrate it into your existing belief system
How and when to reward yourself for more effective results

Why mistakes are natural, inevitable and critical to the process
How to leave the past in the past; THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE
The difference between LIFE GIVING and LIFE REMOVING habits
How to take inventory of your LIFE GIVING and LIFE REMOVING habits
What is the root of procrastination and how to overcome it
Why you and almost everyone you know is programmed to fail and what to do about it
How to use your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy most effectively to achieve your goals
How the law of inertia has prevented you from breaking bad habits in the past
The foundation of all bad habits and how to overcome it
Why will-power isn't enough to break bad habits
What is the right support system and how to create it
How to engage in a healthy catharsis of your negative thoughts and feelings
How to take advantage of being a self-fulfilling prophecy
Why visualization isn't just fru-fru hullabaloo... plus much more
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