Learn How To Seduce Women – Directly From WOMEN?

Discover The Secrets Of Seduction & Attraction Women Know That Men Don't!
Have You Ever Wondered...
What do women really think when you approach them?
Do women REALLY want sex as much as men do? (And if they do, why don't they act like it?)
Why do women always go places in groups - even to the bathroom?
What exactly are women attracted to in a guy? (Hint: It's NOT always his looks!)
How can you get a hot girl interested in you even when she has tons of better looking guys around her?
How do girls prefer guys ask them out on dates?
Just how far are women willing to go sexually?
What are the simple things guys do that get women incredibly aroused?
What are the secrets to keeping relationships strong and healthy?
If you've ever wondered what the answers to these and many other questions are, then this may be the single most important web page you've ever read!
I Suddenly Became A Dating “Guru!”
I was interviewed by a very prominent dating advice expert. He had a monthly interview series where he’d feature a new “guru” every month who’d share advice and insights about women.
When I did my interview with him, the response was overwhelming!
I started getting a FLOOD of emails from the people who had heard it. Many of them said it was the best interview they’d heard in the series. Others were dying to learn more about my philosophy.

Episode #2: Interview With Renee
Renee is a really amazing woman. At age 38, she might be what you would call a MILF. A single mother of 2, she lives in San Diego. She's a former bartender, so she knows all the tricks of the club scene. She's also incredibly attractive, and has some really keen insights into how men operate. This is definitely a great interview! In it, we discussed things like:
The secrets to dating a single mom most men need to know if they want to have a chance with her.
What experienced women are REALLY impressed by (and it has nothing to do with how much money you make!)
The biggest disadvantage older men have when trying to attract a woman and how to overcome it - (HINT: it has nothing to do with how old you are!)
Why being successful in your career and making lots of money can actually HURT you.
What a girl REALLY means when she says she wants a guy with a "sense of humor," and why it has NOTHING to do with how funny you are!
Why trying "too hard" to impress a woman can really work against you!

Why where a girl is from is vitally important to knowing how to seduce her!
The secrets to using MySpace to meet incredible women online.
How guys with "no game" can easily attract women just by "being themselves."
The real reason why guys get rejected in bars, and how you can avoid rejection every single time.
The secrets guys can use to date hot female bartenders.
Why wearing a good cologne can give you an "attraction advantage" over other guys when you're picking up women.
The "Tests" most single moms will throw at you, and how to pass them with flying colors.
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