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* The real reason why women try and “block”
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* The one thing all women consistently look
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* The real things that women pay attention
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* The best places to meet women, and how – step
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* The “lines” women hear all the time and why
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* Insider knowledge of what to look for to
know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, if a girl
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* The secrets of women who are “serial internet
daters” and how to use online dating sites to get
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* Hear the “horror stories” of men who’ve done
the completely wrong thing to impress a woman,
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* The real reason why women “flake” on guys, why
they give out fake numbers, and why they won’t
call a guy back – even if they like him!

* The secrets of picking up women at bars and
clubs, from party girls who love those venues.

* The key to long-lasting relationships – how
to start them, and how to maintain them.

* How to impress a girl, right away, before you
even talk to her.

* The real reason why women cheat on a guy, and
how to avoid being the guy she cheats on!

* The shocking truth as to why women leave their
boyfriends for other men.

* How to figure out what each girl is looking for
in a guy she’s willing to sleep with, and then
make it happen!

* And much, much more...

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