The Top 10 Attraction Secrets Women Know That Men Don't

Let's face it - women know much more about how to
attract someone than men do.

Hey, it's not our fault. Women have YEARS of practice
at getting people to notice them! They have lots of
experience with getting guys to like them. In other
words: They've gone through the training!

If you've ever seen a guy get so bent out of shape over
a girl he liked, then you'll know exactly what I mean
when I say...


But the funny thing about attraction is that it cuts
both ways. Men can actually learn these secrets too
and get great results with them.

So what are they?

SECRET 1: Know What You Want

Too many guys suffer from the problem of having to
"take what they can get." Women tend to get a lot
of suitors coming their way, so they can be a little
bit more picky.

When you know what you're looking for in a partner,
you're not only screening potential candidates, but
you're making a very powerful statement as well.

You're showing that you're not desperate. That you
are the one with the power because you are doing the
judging. And when you're the one with the power,
you're the one who must be pursued.

SECRET 2: Be The Prize

Being the one pursued means that you have a certain
amount of value to others. They want you, for some
reason, and it's now their job to try and get you.

In order for this to happen, you must place a certain
value on yourself. You must feel like you are worthy
to be pursued by others, and you must communicate this
fact with your actions and attitude.

Girls get lots of guys trying to impress them. But
it's the rare guy they want to impress who winds up
with them.

SECRET 3: Dress To Impress

Women place a lot of importance on how they look.
It's for this reason that many of them get the
male attention they do.

Women understand that what you wear helps to get
others to notice you. In fact, because women are
so in-tune with fashion, they really tend to notice
how a guy dresses.

A man who understands how to cultivate his own
appearance and look good will get a lot of attention
from women, not just because he looks nice, but
because he's communicating he understands how important
appearance is to them.

SECRET 4: Smell Fantastic

All too often, men ignore the sense of smell. They
don't bother to put on cologne or after-shave. But
women know that if you're going to attract someone,
you need to appeal to all the senses.

Think about the perfumes women wear that drive you
wild and you'll know just how important smelling
good can be.

Wearing a good cologne around a woman can do wonders
to make her aroused in your presence.

SECRET 5: Be Interesting

Despite all the physical traits involved in attraction,
having nothing but good looks can wear thin quickly.
This is why it's important to be interesting.

Being interesting equates to having something to talk
about that the person you are trying to attract can
relate to.

Being up to date on current events, pop culture, music,
gossip, and any number of things can help a woman
feel interested in spending time with you.

But in addition to knowing what to talk about, you
also have to be able to LISTEN and let the other
person relate to you. After all, nothing is more
interesting than someone who is interested in you.

SECRET 6: Do What's Unexpected

Doing what is not expected of you can create an
air of excitement and uncertainty around you. It
keeps people on their feet and attentive when around

Of course, you shouldn't be comical when doing the
unexpected, such as suddenly shouting out a curse word
or something ridiculous like that.

Instead, you have to play against expectations. For
instance, instead of complimenting a girl on her looks,
compliment her on her intelligence. She probably does
not get a lot of compliments like that, and it will
make you stand out.

Taking her out on a creative date, instead of your
typical dinner-and-a-movie is unexpected as well.

When you do what's not expected of you, you keep excitement

SECRET 7: Be Hot And Cold

Emotions are what must be stimulated to make attraction
work. Without emotion, attraction is impossible.

But too much of one emotion is just as bad as a lack of
emotion. Feeling good all the time or feeling bad all
the time causes us to stray from the person we are with.

When you alternate between hot and cold emotions, you
create an emotional roller coaster that keeps things
interesting and your partner interested.

Women do this all the time. They will act very interested
and attracted to you, and make you feel good. Then, they'll
act like you're not there and ignore you, and make you
feel bad.

This constant alternation of good and bad feelings
keeps their partner invested in them. And men can
do this too.

SECRET 8: Play Hard To Get

No one ever appreciates that which comes easily to
them. Women know this better than anyone. If they
are "too easy," chances are the guy will leave them
after they've had their conquest.

The idea of playing hard to get makes the pursuer
emotionally invest themselves in the outcome of their

By making a woman work for your affections, you are
getting her to commit to wanting to be with you.

SECRET 9: Be Adventurous

Being adventurous is different from doing what's
unexpected. Adventure is about pushing boundaries
and doing things that are new and outside your
typical comfort zone.

Adventurous women intrigue men. They make them
feel alive, and those good feelings become associated
with the girl.

But it works both ways. An adventurous man will
easily sweep a girl off her feet. He will make
her feel alive, and open up how she experiences
the world around her.

SECRET 10: Use Your Sexuality

Women know that being sexual and using their sexuality
is a powerful tool in attracting men. But men typically
have no idea how to be sexual.

Men equate sexuality with women, because that's how
they understand sex. But men can be sexy too, and
being so will get women to become attracted just
as easily as men are.

The difference here is that in order for a man to
be sexy, he must ACT manly. He must show the best
characteristics of what it is to be a man for the
woman to get turned on.

Using your sexuality as a man means being strong,
being brave, being aggressive, and allowing your
masculine energy to radiate from you.

The more you are able to use your sexuality, the
more women will respond to you.

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