The #1 Thing A Man Can Do To Make Women Insanely Attracted To Them

Guys always wonder "What can I do to get a girl
attracted to me?" This is such a pressing question
because most guys who want a hot girl don't feel
they are attractive enough to get one!

So that begs the question: What does a guy have
to do to get a woman to feel attraction for him?

After all, it's not like we can snap our fingers
and suddenly look like Brad Pitt, can we?

So barring going in for expensive (and painful)
plastic surgery, we need to come up with another
way to generate attraction in women.

But here's the thing... getting a woman attracted
to you isn't as hard as you think!

It doesn't even have anything to do with the way
you look!!!

Sure, you need to take care of yourself and have
good hygiene. But when it comes to looking like
a male model, you don't need to go that far.

In fact, you just need to focus on one thing and
one thing only...

And this ONE THING will attract more women to you
than you know what to do with!

If you go out and ask every single woman you meet
what they find the most attractive in a man, a great
percentage of them will say:


I know what you're thinking: DUH! Everyone knows
women are attracted to confident men!

That's right. Everyone does know this because it's

Confidence will trump good looks every time. Women
might initially be attracted to a guy's looks, but
if he's a weak person, or too shy, they will get
BORED with him quick.

Confidence impresses women way more than looks. And
a confident guy can win a woman over, even if he isn't
her physical type.

So now you're probably saying to yourself - "Well,
how can I be confident?"

Apparently, even though most guys KNOW that women
are attracted to confident men, the have no idea
what it really means to be confident.

But I do.

My secret is that I actually ASK women to tell me
what they mean when they say they like confident

Even though all women say they are attracted to
confidence, they have VERY DIFFERENT ideas of what
it means to be confident!

Because of this, guys get CONFUSED. They have no
idea what it takes to make themselves confident
in front of women.

But here's the secret...

Real confidence stems from someone not needing
another person (in this case, a woman) to approve
of them.

Too many guys try and "impress" women. They try
and get women to "like them." In short, they are
desperately seeking the girl's approval.

Confident men could care less. They're the ones
other people want approval from!

So all you need to do to attract a woman is to
not be needy around her, and instead just relax
and have fun.

How do I know this? Simple:


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