What Women Really Want

If there's one thing men know for sure, it's that
when it comes to women - they have NO IDEA what
they want!

In fact, women are famous for contradicting themselves.
And it's not even really their fault. So many girls
have so many different ideas, beliefs, and preferences,
it's no wonder men can get confused.

Trying to get to the bottom of what women really
want in a man is a puzzle few are able to solve.

This is because every girl is different! It's hard
to know if what works on one girl will actually work
on another.

One girl might like brown hair, while the other likes
blonde hair.

One might like tall guys, while the other likes
guys of any height.

One girl might liked to be romanced, while the other
doesn't need any special treatment.

So what's a guy to do?

Well, the best thing to do is remember this simple

All women are different, but not THAT different!

In other words, every woman has her own individual
likes and dislikes. But there are certain common
traits all women possess.

If you start off appealing to these common traits,
you will help get your foot in the door with her
long enough to figure out exactly what she wants.

So what are these common traits?

They're very simple...

1. Women want men who are CONFIDENT.

This is obviously a no brainer. But it never fails.
Confident men go far with women. You need to know
what you want, you need to be relaxed, and you can't
be afraid of "losing" the girl because you "messed
up" talking to her.

Confident men are the source of their own validation.
And though they may care what other people think of
them, they won't lose self-esteem if others think
ill of them.

2. Women want men who have dreams.

Too often, women get involved with guys who are stagnant
in their lives. They are content to live the way they
always have, and never achieve anything more.

Women want a guy who's inspired to achieve things in
his life. Someone who's motivated to pursue an interest
greater than her.

This is because a desire to pursue a dream reflects
a man's ability to succeed in life, and bring happiness
to those around him.

Even if you don't have a great job or don't make a
lot of money, women will find you attractive if you
are still pursuing some type of goal that you are
passionate about.

3. Women want men who are honest.

Women get lied to by men a LOT. And it's not just lies
such as "Oh sure, I took out the trash." It's subtle
lies, like a guy wanting to be her friend when he really
only wants to hook up with her.

Men misrepresent themselves a lot around women they are
attracted to. Even "Nice Guys" do this. They don't know
how to tell a girl they like her, so they like about
their intentions.

Guys will lie and say things they don't mean around a
girl. They will put up with bad behavior they don't
like because they don't want to upset the girl.

But women are DRAWN to men who are honest about their
thoughts and feelings. When a guy can look them in
the eye and say to them "I like you. You're very
beautiful," and MEAN it, without any subtext - just
a genuine compliment, women will melt inside.

So many women get cheated on in relationships, that a
man who is honest with them gives them some type of
comfort that they can trust him to stay true to them.

4. Women want to have fun!

Most of all, women just want to be around someone who
makes them feel good.

The more fun you can have with a girl, the more you
can make her laugh, the more attracted to you she
will be.

Guys can be too serious and somber with women. They
are so focused on "not messing things up" that they
forget to have a good time!

Women are emotional creatures, and there is no better
emotion than when a girl feels good and has fun.

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