What Do Women Think When You Approach Them?

There is a VERY painful myth out there that men buy
into that really hurts their chances with a woman.

And that is the myth that women DON'T LIKE IT when
a guy approaches them.

Guys tend to think that they are "imposing" on a
women when they start talking to her. Like they
are doing something to annoy her.

This belief is re-enforced every time we see a TV
show where a girl throws a drink in some poor guy's
face, all because he tried to use some pick-up line
on her.

In fact, some guys will even go so far as to talk
themselves OUT of approaching a woman because they
think she'll laugh in their face and REJECT them

Now, I'm not saying that all women welcome being
approached by men. Sometimes, women are tired,
cranky, and not in the mood to be hit on.

But the notion that women DON'T LIKE to be approached
by men is simply absurd.

In fact - most women really like it when a guy
approaches them! Especially if it's a good guy
and not some sleazy player-type.

This is what women REALLY feel when a guy approaches
them! Make no mistake about it - unless a woman is
married, she is always trying to find Mr. Right.

The real problem comes from the fact that most guys
do not know the RIGHT way to approach a girl.

THIS is where rejection really comes from.

When guys don't know the right way to approach a girl,
they will do things that make her angry or annoyed.
And this is why the myth that girls don't like to be
approached exists.

After all, it's hard to like it when guys do things

1. Act like a complete stalker

2. Use lame pick up lines

3. Come off as nervous and weird

4. Try and monopolize their time

5. Ask boring questions that don't engage her

When a guy approaches a girl, he needs to be confident,
laid back, flirty (but not too sexual), and fun.

He's got to try and engage the girl. He's got to
crack a joke, ask interesting questions, and actually
want to get to know her because he really is INTERESTED
in her.

In other words, he's got to be genuine!

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