Romantics Guide To Popping The Question - 101 Marriage Propsal Stories.Leading Book On Marriage Proposals. Tips, Ideas And 101 Real Life Stories

7,329 marriage proposal stories flooded in from around the world and were narrowed down to 101 of the VERY BEST proposal ideas. Why leave your proposal to chance?
Dear Friend,
Right here, right now, I promise that you won't find such awe-inspiring and mind blowing marriage proposal stories anywhere in the world.
How can I promise this?
Because I hand-picked the VERY BEST marriage proposal ideas from over 7,329 entries in a contest I held.

So How Did I Find The World's Best Marriage Proposal Ideas?
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Webb after my first book The Romantic’s Guide became a best-seller, the media went into a frenzy, hounding me for interviews and appearances, left, right and center.
I was featured on Oprah to talk about my romance advice. (Episode: Challenge Your Spouse, aired 11th February 2003) Plus, my romance ideas have appeared in dozens of magazines like Men's Health (Febuary 2001), Cosmopolitan (April & May 2000), Marriage and Marriage Partnership.
With so many connections already in place, I contacted media around the world, and announced my contest for the most romantic, creative and unique wedding proposals.
And within two weeks, 7,329 entries flooded in from all around the globe and I hand-picked the 101 best stories and ideas (and 25 worst) and thus this new book was born…
And most won't cost you much money at all. In fact, the best ones usually don't.
Just to prove it, the grand prize winning marriage proposal (best of all 7,300+ stories) cost the guy less than $20 to prepare.
All he used was a piece of hardware, something from the bathroom and some creativity to put it together. What he did brought his girlfriend to tears and thunderous applause from everyone who witnessed it. After you read what he did and you see the photographs, you'll be amazed too.
As a result, he won a spectacular Aruba vacation, including five-nights at the luxurious Radisson Aruba Resort. Pairs of Martini & Rossi Asti Millennium toasting flutes were to be awarded to 150 second-place winners.
"spent at least 20 hours looking for creative ideas and found maybe 5 that were so-so"

I thought I could find great ideas for free just surfing the web. I spent at least 20 hours looking for creative ideas and found maybe 5 that were so-so. I went to the bookstore and flipped through a couple more books and you are right -- they weren't very useful. After finally reading your stuff I am beating myself up for wasting so much time looking elsewhere.
– James Gardner, Dallas, Texas

"I am so glad the proposal ended upvery special and creative"
What a fantastic resource. He said YES!!!!! and even cried. I am so glad the proposal ended up very special and creative (unlike most of my friends who all do the same thing.)
– Wendy LemusFt. Worth, Texas
"I would have paid $100 for this information!"
I would have paid $100 for this information! It was that helpful for the most important moment in my life.
– Bryant L.Utica, New York
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