7 Reasons Why He Always Say He Loves You When He's Still Seeing Someone!

7 Reasons Why He Always Say He Loves You When He's Still Seeing Someone!
By Cucan Pemo
You know that men are going to do things that we just do not like. It is going to happen regardless of what we do or think. There are men that just have to lie to us and tell us what we want to hear even if we know that they are completely lying to us. There are things that women have to know and learn about why men say that love us even when they are still seeing someone else.
When a man cheats on us, it can be devastating. It can be a very big heartache to learn that the man that we love is still seeing someone else. He is cheating on us! This is an unacceptable issue that women have to control no matter what they feel or think. There are reasons behind why men say they love us when they are double timing and it is important to learn why.
1. Men want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to have you with them forever because they do love you and you have been there with them through a lot of things. However he also want to see if the grass is greener on the other side. This is why most men still say that they love you no matter what. It is up to us as women to put an end to it and give them an ultimatum to choose the one that they love the most.
2. Men will tell you that they love you because they want you to believe them. They want you to think that they are not cheating and that everything is fine. Giving you the affection that you want may end up keeping them out of the doghouse so that they can continue to see the other person that they have been.
3. A man will tell you that he loves you because he does not want to lose you. They may be seeing someone else on the side, but they would not want you to do the same. By telling you that they love you this will keep you believing that everything is ok and that you will not go out and try and find someone else. They want to keep you even though they are not being faithful and they surely do not want you to go and find anyone else.
4. Sometimes a man may tell a woman what she wants to hear. Keeping her in the dark may be the way that he wants it as well as the woman. If you are a woman that does not want to believe that your man is cheating and that he still loves you, it is going to be evident that you believe everything that he is saying to you.
5. A man may tell you that he loves you even though he is still seeing a former girlfriend because he is not sure if he wants to leave her or not. He may not feel ready to leave his existing girlfriend or wife but he may want to be with you at the same time. This is a confusing time for him and the only way that he can do is to continue to tell you that he love you so that he can buy some time to figure it all out.
6. Having a man tell you that he loves you and still seeing someone else is going to be hard on you. He may want to do this to wear you down. Some men have a control issue and this may be his way to keep you under his wing. He may tell you that he loves you or tell you that he is the only one that will ever really love you. When a man does this, he is trying to control you and keep you from feeling good about yourself.
7. A man may also tell you that he loves you while seeing someone else because he is afraid of getting caught. He may think that you do not know anything at all and that everything is fine. You need to either decide to accept this or tell him that you are not going to take it anymore.
No matter what the reason is behind him telling you that he loves you and cheating on you, you have to figure it out. You need to do whatever you can to get clear, take charge of your relationship circumstances and make the situation better. You need to decide what is better for you and what will make you happy in life. Your happiness is the most important thing that you need to consider. If you are not clear, you will only prolong your suffering and deny yourself the joy and happiness you deserve.

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