What To Do If I Want To Connect With Him But I Don't Want To Look Needy

What To Do If I Want To Connect With Him But I Don't Want To Look Needy
By Cucan Pemo
We all want to be closer to our man. This is something that we may feel the need to do because it will make us feel better about our relationship. This is going to be a great achievement for most couples. However, it is not always easy to get close to your man because you may not want to look too needy to them. You have to know how to do it right so that you are not making a big mistake in your relationship.

You need to allow your man to have their space but you want to also get as close to them as you can. When you are trying to learn about their life and find out as much as you can, you will want to be in their life but you also want to let them have their space so that they can do the things that they like to do too.

Do not over stay your welcome. If a man says that they need to do something and they need to do it alone, you need to let them. This is the only way that you can be sure that they are doing what they need to and getting the space that they need. If you are asked to leave or you are not invited to something in their life, you should make sure that you are letting them do it. This will make them feel as if they have their space and that you are not being too needy.

You will want to make your man feel loved. You want them to feel like they are very important to you but you do not want to be a stalker or anything like that. If you are too clingy, you may in fact scare them away. You may feel as if you are not giving them as much of your attention as you should. You need to make sure that you are doing all that you can to make your man feel good but you should also let them do the same for you. If you are not receiving love back, you may not be in the relationship that you should.

Do not call your man all the time. You need to back off at times. It is ok to call your man daily and to check up on what is new in their life. You will want to make sure that you are keeping in touch with him but in a classy way. Calling all the time and making a nuisance of you is only going to make yourself look too needy. This can actually be embarrassing for you. Learn how to cut back and give the recommended space that you both need when you need it. This is the only way to keep your self-respect and not make him feel like you are not giving him room to breath.

He does not have to go with you wherever you go. It is ok to spend time together, but you need to know when to do things on your own. Spending time together and doing things that you love is important however, you do not have to drag him along when he does not want to come. Ask him once but do not force him to do something that he is not interested in. of course you need him to spend time doing things that you like with you but you do not need to make it happen all the time. There are ways to connect with your man and not drive him crazy by annoying him with the little things that he does not want to do.
Do not tell him what to do. When you are constantly telling him what to do and how to do it, you may in fact be insulting him and making him feel almost like a child. This is going to be a degrading experience for him and it is not something that you want to happen. Give him the respect that you would want for yourself. This is the best way to keep things moving in the right direction and not making yourself seem like you are attached to him at the hip.
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